Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lost in Translation

On Saturday night I had my first experience with riding in cabs around Seoul. To say it was a difficult experience would be an understatement.  We started the night off in Gangnam at Carne Station which is all you can eat and drink. It was an okay experience but maybe because I was not drinking I did not get the full effect. Basically though there is just a huge buffet of raw meat that you pile on your plate. Then you go to your table where you have your little grill and make your food. The food was decent for thawed out frozen meat.
 Afterwards we decided to go to Hondea (not the correct spelling but too lazy to look it up). So Vehlow, Phil and myself jumped in a cab and told the driver where to go. About 15 minutes later he drops us off
 somewhere while he kept repeating what we had told him. When we got out we called someone from our group and they informed us we were about 20 minutes away. Later when we got back to the apartment we looked up where we were on the subway map and we were FAR east Seoul and we needed to go FAR west Seoul. Seoul is not a place you can just cut across in a couple minutes. So we got in a new cab and started to drive, and drive and drive. At some point we went under what seems like a 15 mile mountain, at least it seemed like it but it was probably just a couple minutes. Anyways we finally arrived though I am pretty sure we were taken for a bit of a ride, both times.

 After we got out of the cab we were looking for our group which basically would only tell us th
 the bar had no name and it was on the left. Finally we found the place, which was on the left mind you and entered the no name bar. We walked down to flights of stairs, walked through these curtains and we have entered a giant sandcastle!! It was one of the coolest bars I have been to. It was just really relaxed and had these cave like areas where you sat on the floor on pillows! In the end I had a really great time, even if it did take a whole bunch of time and money to get there! 

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