Monday, March 23, 2009

A Day of Culture

As promised no ant talk for awhile....

So on Saturday afternoon I went to the ballet with my friends Kiwi, Laura and Jennifer. From the very start of the day I could tell it was going to be wonderful. The temperature was about 65F and even though I brought a light jacket I did not wear it the whole day. We started off with an Italian dinner on a patio. Which was about as quiet and peaceful as you can get in crazy busy Seoul. After that we caught a cab to the Opera house. 

The ballet was Cinderella and was put on by the Korean Ballet. The best part of the whole deal was that it was only $5!!! Though the seats were miles away from the stage it really did not matter because we could still see the stage! The ballet was also really cool. I thought it was 
 going to be a traditional ballet but it was actually very modern. The costumes were simple and almost harsh. While the dancers were good, the person who stole the show was the wicked step mother. She was probably the skinniest person I have ever seen and she had the longest legs ever. Even though she was so tiny she dance with some crazy energy, more than anyone else. 

After the ballet we all went to get coffee and split a couple pieces of chocolate cake. It was perfect ending to a perfect day!! 

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