Monday, March 16, 2009


so apple vinegar does not work. Does not work to the point this morning when I woke up there were about 20 ants sitting on the sponge I had used that had not been rinsed!!! So I have taken serious measures. I feel like the Allies in WWII, the Germans have taken most of Europe and there is little hope. But that my friends is when they came up with a little idea called D-Day....

So here is my plan......

I think the cinnamon works but the problem is that the ants are coming in form so many points. My kitchen is fairly old and all the caulk is falling off, leaving nice large holes for my tiny tiny friends. So my new plan is first (mom stop reading now please) to empty about a can of raid into the crevasses around my kitchen. Second I am going to recaulk the areas I have just bombed. THEN I am going to put a ring of cinnamon around the two points of main entry.

I have also rimmed my door to my room in cinnamon because they have found there way into here.

I hope my overreacting is making people laugh because honestly if I do not laugh about/share this I think it would really drive me nuts and I would actually be very upset and not just a little.

I will let you know how D-Day goes tomorrow! I also promise to actually post about Korea soon in the near future because I am doing things other than fighting a war with ants.

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