Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Korean Pop Star

So I am starting to get a feeling a lot of these posts are going to be about the gym.... which I am okay with because at least that means I am working out :0)

So my class offers a hip hop class that I started taking. The first class was pretty good and then the second I took I really did not like so I thought I might not go anymore. The only sweat was a result of the spotlight shinning on me in the studio. But, not too surprising the dance teacher had other plans for me!  On Wednesday when I was lifting weights I was literally dragged away by the dance teacher to go up to the class.... secretly though I was happy she found me because my workout friend from the previous post had found me and was ready for another fun round of weights.

So anyways I went up to the class and it was actually pretty decent and felt like a proper cardio workout. The only thing is that the entire time I felt like I was in a Korean pop video. At the end of the workout I asked her the name of the song and I found it on YouTube. Any dance move in that video we do! It looks super cute when the little tiny korean women are doing it, not so cute when the not petite western woman is doing it :) But I am going to keep going and maybe I have a shot of starting my own pop group!! 

If you want a laugh check out the video by clicking the hyper link below and just picture me doing it!

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