Thursday, March 5, 2009

Week 3-- kind of awesome

so I started the title with the post thinking of all the wonderful things that have happened in the last 6 days. First, I got all my furniture!! I have a fully woardrobe which hold all my clothes very nicely, a TV and a desk/table. I also finally got my washing machine!! I am not entirely sure how all the buttons work but I have done two loads of laundry and I am pretty sure it is all clean!! I also now have a stove and one of my friends from school went with me to the grocery store. She showed me all the wonderful stuff I would want to eat there! So far I have been able to eat at home a couple times! Of course my cook is a very loose term, really it is just boiling things that come premade but its still great! 

The second wonderful thing is my school/kids! I know there will be times that they will drive me nuts but for the m
ost part they are so great! I have 18 kids, 11 boys and 7 girls and they are 
SOOO smart. They all
 speak English great and very rarely do I have to remind them that they arent allowed to speak Korean. For this week we ha
ve the kids all day because the special classes have not started nor has IEP (intense English Program) so at the moment I have them all day long. But starting next week, I will only have them for about 2 hours a day, some day I only have them for 45 minutes!! The rest of the time I am just observing them and making sure they are behaving themselves. I am pretty sure I am being paid a whole bunch of money to babysit and I am really okay with that :) Oh I also have the cutest kids in the entire world! I will put all of their pictures below!

there was going to be a third wonderful thing and that was going to be NO MORE ANTS! I had not seen a single ant in 2 days. Unfortunately, I just went into my kitchen and there were about 20 ants in my sink because I had left my bowl with a little bit of pumpkin porridge (tastes much better than it sounds) sitting in the sink. So it seems the ants were just visiting someone else's kitchen the past few days and I must just keep everything insanely clean!

So yea, basically things are great! I am amazed how this has been my easiest move so far in my life. I have found a great group of people to hang out with at my school and everyone is so welcoming. I have gotten into a swing of things very quickly and have a nice routine down. Also, there is everything I could want right near me! A Smoothie after work, no problem there is a Smoothie King I pass everyday. Get a new book, great book store that will get you any english book you want. Need to get some awesome heels, Korea has got the corner on the market.  And really I can find any food that I need because if store doesnt carry it, Costco will!!! I know most people hate globalization but sometimes it just isnt so bad!! 

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  1. this all sounds so amazing!!

    and yeah, costco is a lifesaver<33