Monday, March 9, 2009

All Hours

As mentioned in an earlier post things in Seoul are opened all hours. It is not uncommon to be walking home at 3am and stop at the corner store to pick up food. Since things are open at all hours, it also means that people stay out WAY later then in most places. It has not been uncommon for me to be walking to the subway in the morning (8:15) and see people stumbling out of bars drunk, obviously just headed home/to the office from the night before. One day a girl was being dragged up my street by her friend at 8am. So seeing drunk people (always Koreans) on the street is not that odd. But this morning I experienced my favorite drunk moment yet.

I was walking down the busy road in Gangnam towards the subway station when I noticed 2 western guys walking towards me, one with just a t-shirt. Of course the spotted me out of the crowd since I was the only white person and they stopped me. The guy with the jacket pulled out a hotel key and asked me if I knew where the hotel was. Apparently they could not find their hotel which is not shocking since there are no street names and everything just kind of blends together. As I started to tell them I had never seen that hotel before but to go up the street to the Ritz to ask them, friend number two, jacketless boy, starts "talking". Talking is used loosely here since he was so drunk I think I got buzzed off his breath and it was fairly nonsensical. He started to explain to me how he had no jacket (obvious) and that he had lost it that night. He then went on to explain it was actually on eBay right now (I am not sure how he jumped to that but I am assuming he thought it was stolen and someone put it on ebay) and that I should go on ebay and look for it. If I did, then I could have a very nice NorthFace jacket of my own. He would have kept going if his friend hadnt grabbed him and started pulling him away. As I put back in my headphones I could faintly hear the other guy say "Dude, no one wants to hear that shit..." and I just had to laugh. I felt it was a nice start to a monday!

oh yea, I hope they found their hotel :)

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