Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lazy syn. peter

so as mentioned I think in every post, I do not have furniture yet. The only reason I do not have furniture is because of Peter, yes the man who is synonymous with laziness. Basically he has not gotten me furniture because he is waiting for the teachers leaving to move out and then he will have that furniture sent over. He does not seem to care A) I have been here for almost 2 weeks B) he has known about my arrival since Jan. 1st and C) there is a basement full of furniture at PSA he could give to me. 

Anyways in the last few days I have witness first hand how lazy Peter really is and I felt that I should probably share it here. First off, on Monday he took a couple of us to get our medical check up (which was totally crazy but thats for another day). After that we went to the bank right next to school. As we finished up at the bank we started to walk back to school. Now Peter starts walking up the hill which is in the direction of the back entrance to school but not the most direct route. He then stops. I ask Peter why we have stopped but then notice he is under the bus stop!! We are literally 1/6 of a mile from school! I could see the front entrance from where we were but he was going to wait for a bus and then pay a dollar to ride it!! 

The other instance that gave me an insight to the life and thinking of Peter was today. He came to me at 1030 during graduation telling me he needed two photos and my passport so I could apply for my Alien Registration Card tomorrow. I told him it was in my bag upstairs and I would bring it to him in a couple minutes. By the time graduation was over I had forgot about it and several hours later I remembered and ran my stuff down to his office. When I walked in he was shocked and then said to me "oh you were so fast! I did not think you would get this to me so quickly!!". At that I just kind of stared at him, it seems his slow slow pace he thinks everyone follows!! 

I have a feeling this will be a long long year with Peter.

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