Monday, November 23, 2009


When I first decided I was going to come to Korea I thought I would be seeing three people (well groups) from back home. My parents in August, my uncle in October and then Vehlow whenever since he lives here. Little did I know I would be so blessed and get to see tons of people from home, helping to keep that homesickness at bay.

As I wrote earlier my friend Todd came in May and then the next weekend Nick came. Then my parents and brother came in August. While they were here my cousin, who I haven't seen in 10 years, happened to be in Korea as well. So we got to have dinner with him and his girlfriend.
My family with my cousin James and his girlfriend Juyeon

In midoctober I got word that my friend from youth group, Hanna would be in Seoul visiting her dad. So after work one day I got to meet up with her and her fiance. We had a wonderful meal and found ourselves at Castle Praha. We ordered a sampler called a meter of beer. We thought it would be a nice little sample. Instead it was 10 full beers, and it was amazing. So great that the next day I ended up at the same place after work with two coworkers, where we quickly drank that plus another :)
Hanna and I with our sampler

My uncle also was here on business. Since he was here working and only for a couple days I only got to see him for one night, but what a night! We started the night off at his hotel where they had "wonderhour"- which is happy hour but was all you could drink wine, sparkling wine and soju and some korean "snacks". (best part might have been that on the bill it came up as "wonder ho") After that we went to On The Border... yes the Mexican place. OTB is where we go for nice dinners because its really expensive and AMAZING! So we went there with one of Kilians friends. We ended up with a bucket of beer, margarhitas as big as our heads and live gaucamole. To say I was in heaven was an understatement. Besides the amazing food, it was great to see my uncle since I dont get to see him much.

Our yummy yummy premeal!!

I only have 3 more months left but I think the visit I am now looking most forward to is Kevin's!!! My friend Kevin dances with Riverdance and will be in Seoul for 2 weeks right when I finish my contract. So it will be a nice to finish it all off with a visit from Kevin! Can't wait!!

UPDATE: Kevin's plans have changed BUT I will be able to go see him in Shanghai! So I think that is the next best thing!!!