Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Darling Students!!

First off not sure why this is blue or underlined like its a hyperlink but I am just going to go with it. Second, this format is all kinds of messed up but I am going to go for it anways. You can just scroll through the picks and just ignore the text if you want. so these first two boys are Tommy and Andrew. I am OBSESSED with Tommy's hair, he is going to be so cute when he is older! 

The girl at the top in the striped shirt is Rachel and she is probably going to be the prettiest girl ever! She is also super sweet. Above is Daniel C. who is quiet and pretty smart.

This is Daniel S. (yes there are two daniels and neither mom will let us change their names or shorten them. Daniel S. is also really sweet and so far has caused no problems.

This is Ashley on the right, like all my girls loves to draw and just really sweet. She loves to walk with me and hold my hand. Then that is Joe next to her. Not sure what to make of Joe. Sometimes he is really quiet and then sometimes he is crazy. I think he just needs a bit of structure and he will be okay.

Doeyoung is on the left. I heard all these horror stories before I got him but so far he has been really quiet. He is much slower then the other kids but I think he just needs a bit of extra help. he should be fine in the end. The boy on the right is Thomas who doesnt talk much but has sat next to me everyday at lunch and is just precious.

Emily is on the left and has been dressed so adorable the last two days!! (I can't believe I have had them for only 2 days!!) She is wearing like a ballet type tutu on the first day with her fake fur caplette. Today she wore a full skirt with an embroirded sweater. I just want to put her in a little box! Anita is on the right. Haven't gotten to know her too well yet but she also likes to just sit with you and hold your hand.

so that is half the kids.... i will try uploading the rest later!

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