Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Seoul Living

So I have been in Seoul for almost a week! The week has gone by super fast and so far it has all be great!! This is a very very brief run down on some of the basics. Later I will describe some of the more fascinating parts of Korean culture!


Originally I was warned it would be super small studio and I was okay with that because really did I have a choice? But I was pleasantly surprised when I got here and I actually had a kitchen and then you walk through sliding glass doors to the bedroom. I have a full sized bed and have plenty of room for additional furniture.... unfortunately at the moment I have NO other furniture but I am promised furniture by Saturday so we will see! Oh I also have a little room for a washing machine, when that comes too. The only other downside is that my apartment is like 2 degrees but it should get warm soon so that wont be an issue! All and all I love it.


I am right next to the area called Gangnam. This area has EVERYTHING! It has 5 starbucks within 10 minutes from my house. It also has tons of restaurants, bars, grocery stores, clothing stores, salons.... etc. Most of the places are actually open 24 hours! It is so crazy how things are open at all hours! I love how I can get anything I need just minutes from my house! I also dont have to deal with tons of noises because I am about 3 blocks back from the busy road where it is all residential! Its the best of both worlds!!


This is probably the best part of everything so far! I LOVE my school! No I am obsessed with it! The kids are so cute and smart! Not just like oh look at the smart kids they can count and say a couple english words, cute.... No they are 6 years old and can diagram sentences, they will have very in depth conversations with you and tell hysterical jokes. I would put any of these kids in a 3rd grade class in the states and they would hold their own. It is just so amazing to see everything they can do!! And they don't study all the time. They don't just sit there and parrot back what is told to them. The kids have play time about 3 times a day. This is 20 minutes of just playing with legos and toys in the room. They also have prep classes like art and music. They actually only spend a couple hours a day doing reading, writing and grammar. Yet, even though they have all this unstructured time, they are still thriving! I really think that US school officials should come to my school and just see how it works! 


So, so far so good! I will try to be better about updating this with more interesting information! 

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