Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Live Octopus anyone?

On Saturday I met up Vehlow and some of his friends at the fishmarket. The fishmarket is this HUGE area that
 has vendors selling fish (yea I know pretty obvious) but what was different at this market then say the famous Seattle fishmarket is that most of the items for sale were still alive! Many of the stands also had a restaurant. So you picked out what you wanted and then they would bring your newly killed fish and you to the restaurant. Then the people would prepare your food as you got yourself settled. After you eat your food, most people do shashmi, they bring out this stew with all the left over parts of your fish that you did not eat! 
Anyways, we went there because a bunch of people wanted to try live octopus. I decided against since A) I do not eat live things B) rumor has they suck on your mouth as you eat them and that they can kill you if you don't eat them with oil.

So we went to the market to pick out our octopus and fish we planned on eating!  We walked around for a good 10 minutes just looking at all the crazy stuff they had! Finally we picked out what we wanted and headed to the restaurant

At first they just brought the octopi out in a bowl....
I guess the Koreans who were with us had said we wanted them whole. Then after everyone watched them a bit and saw how they were climbing over the bowl we asked for them to be cut up, except for one. Even when they are all sliced they are still moving around and their suction is not at all impaired. 

The one octopus that was left 
whole was passed around the 
table with everyone saying they would eat it. Finally, Justin decided he would eat it whole. After a good 10 minutes of prepping he finally threw the whole
 thing in his mouth!!! Though it did put up a fight as you can kind of see from the picture, that last tentacle would not go into his mouth. Unfortunately for Justin, getting it in his mouth might have been the easiest part. He chewed the octopus for 20 minutes!!! And for all 20 minutes he looked like he was going to die, or at least puke. 

All and all, the fish market and eating was a great experience. The rest of the night was a blast as well! So far, I have been very impressed by Seoul and everything there is to do!

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