Monday, February 23, 2009

attack of the killer ants

So it seems that my issue with bugs has followed me to Korea. If you dont know, which you probably don't unless you're my parents, my house in Libertyville has always had bugs. It was not unusual to find bugs in the cereal if you had not shut the airtight container!

My second day in Korea I noticed small things crawling on the sink. I looked closer and realized they are tiny tiny red ants! The couple ants have now turned to dozens of ants. I have bought traps and i have literally set up 4 in about a 3 foot radius. One is on the kitchen wall right in the path of the ants!!

Today though while I was watching the ants... I like to watch them sometimes, willing them to walk through the trap and not around it..... I noticed the ants were walking UNDER the trap! The stupid thing are so small that tey were just walking under it!! So now I have taped the traps down!! Hopefully next time I post there will be no ants and there will also be furniture in my apartment!!!

I have added a picture of my ant playground. I am not sure really how to work the pictures with blogspot so the picture will stay at the top of the post. On an exciting note, I think they might be paying off, I only saw three ants when I went over there a minute ago.

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