Thursday, February 5, 2009

6 days to go...

So everything is finally set. I have a ticket to Korea and I pick up my visa on Monday! My flight leaves on Thursday the 12th and is direct to Seoul. It is a 14 hour flight which might be the longest amount of time that I have sat in one area!

 But the 14 hour flight is no where near my biggest concern. Neither is moving to a foreign country nor not seeing my parents for 6th months. No my biggest fear is packing.

For those who dont know me well I really like clothes, I also really like shoes, purses, scarves, jewelry, hair product and anything else that can purchased. I have a closet packed full in my room, half my brothers closet is full of my clothes,  a bed in the guest room is piled with my coats and i have two boxes still packed in the hallway. How am I supposed to chose what goes into one of my two bags?!? It is like choosing which of your children to save from a burning building. 

As of now I am not going to think about packing. I am going to take my 6 year old mentality which is if I dont think about it, it does not exist. So for right now packing is a non-issue. 

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