Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why I want to be a Korean woman in my next life....

In the few short days I have been here, I have come to the conclusion I want to be a Korean woman in my next life. There are a multitude of reasons why I have decided this but I will just share with you 3 very very good reasons (I am just going to skip the whole fact they are all about 4lbs because that is just a given) right now....

1) Korean women wear the most amazing shoes. It does not matter what time it is or where they are going, Korean women are always tittering around the streets of Seoul in 3 to 4 inch heels. The shoes are not just black pumps either, they are always very fashionable and beautiful heels. I want to be able to wear heels for hours on end without my feet ever hurting. And if for some reason I do break a heel on these very uneven streets, I don't have to worry because there will be a cobbler in his little makeshift store somewhere on the road!! LOVE IT!

2) Korean women have Korean babies. Korean babies turn into Korean children!! I want my child to be Korean, they are quit possibly the cutest children on the earth!! I can't wait to get my own class of them in one week!!

3) Some how they have figured out how to control their boyfriends/husband to the point where they will even carry their purses!! I have seen very few women carrying their own purses, the man always carries it. They not only carry the purses, they will also carry any shopping bag as well!!

So basically in my next life I will have banging shoes, adorable children and a husband who will carry everything for me. Doesn't sound too shabby.... 

PS I swear pictures are coming one day soon!

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  1. Not to state the obvious, but...white chicks can have Korean babies, too. Just need a Korean baby daddy. How is it that the item number that involves making a new human somehow seems like the easiest of the three??