Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unexpected Days Off

So on Monday, one of my students called us to tell us she had H1N1. Then we soon got another call. Because I am painfully tired of telling this story I will get to the end, 10 of my kids have H1N1 and my classroom was closed down this week. So with this unexpected time I have been enjoying some time just enjoying Seoul. Surprising I'm sure to some people, Seoul has some really relaxing place. On Tuesday I spent the day by the Han River reading a book. Then today, I sat down by the stream the runs through the downtown. It is really nice even though it is always packed full of people, its also very calming. Before reading I met with my friend Youmi for lunch. After lunch we started walking back to the subway and found this cool ceremony. They were ringing a HUGE bell that was used to signal people of danger. There was another reason to but I kind of forgot :)

Anyways it was really fun to witness it and only a few people ever get to see it because they don't do it often!

I had no camera with but I did have my new Nano which has a video camera in it! So here are the videos from the day! Suggestion: Turn down the volume for the second video! The sound quality isnt great and it kind of hurts your ears!

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