Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Birthday!!

I turned 26 last Thursday, and as many people know birthdays are kind of a big deal to me! So I made it a point to mention my birthday like a million times. This was more just done so people would wish me a happy birthday and would come to dinner on Friday night (I still think I am scarred from my 13th when no one in my family called me on my actual birthday). I also mentioned to Jamie that all I wanted was a homemade cake from Betty Crocker Cake mix with Pilsbury frosting.... god doesnt that sound great! If it doesnt its because you havent been eating weird korean cake for the past 7 months.

not the point

Anyways, on Wednesday I went to an amazing Korean dinner with a family I have gotten to know. They have two kids and they are just lovely and I love spending time with them. We had a huge meal with tons and tons of courses. They also gave me some Kiehls lip balm which is AMAZING!

Then on my actual birthday I went to Rent. Rent is in Korea just for two weeks with some of the original cast. I saw Rent when I turned 16 so it seemd only fitting to see it again when I was 26! Who would have thought I would have ended up seeing Rent a decade later in Korea for my 26th... not me!

So we went to the place a little early. We had a picnic of Wine, beer, costco cookies and korean dumplings and sushi. To say it was perfect is a bit of an understatement. We then went into the show. The seats were not as good when I saw it the first time (this is what happens when you pay for yourself) and they have changed some parts of it but overall it was amazing as always!
After the show the guy who plays Mark (the original who is in the movie, and I saw in Chicago and who was my favorite) was signing autographs. So we decided to wait in line and get an autograph. Being the ONLY white people in line we thought we might get a little extra hello. The fact it was my birthday and I think I get whatever I want on my birthday, I figured we would get a group picture. So when we got to the front of the line my friend Bryan went first and said " its my friends birthday and she came to see Rent when she turned 16 too" So then it was my turn.... the stage has been set. Now I smile and I hand over my program.... quickly scribbles and say s "Happy 16th Birthday" (not looking up obviously) umm would you mind... "NO" I am then whooshed to the side by the korean security.

So yea that didnt go as planned but that was okay because it gave us all something to laugh about as we were sitting outside of the studio. Then we took a couple group photos and hung out in front of the GS25mart and who do we see walking by...Anthony Rapp. SAME clothes from the show and has no one with him. We try to talk to him... surprise surprise he blows us off again... so of course we decide to follow him. Our goal was to end up on the same train as him but when we notice he was chasing after some Korean girl and passed the subway we decided to let him go.

So regardless Thursday night was pretty great and had some wonderful memories.
** More pictures to come later **

Then there was Friday... oh wonderful Friday
On Friday a dinner was planned. 25 people ended up coming to the dinner which was amazing alone. It is so great having everyone together, even better when they are there for you! So at the beginning of dinner Kiwi brought me this wonderful poster with pictures on it from my time in Seoul (gotta love Facebook) and then some pens. So everyone was able to write me a little birthday message. At this point I was thinking, I was not expecting a special birthday and yet here this has just made it so special. Then it is time for cake.

Everyone made such a big deal out of me covering my eyes. Then there was a cake which was in a box that most all cakes come from. I blew out the candles and thought well thats a nice cake, lets cut it and it eat it! Then all of a sudden someone said you do realizes its home made right.... UM NOOO!!!!!!

my friends BAKED me a CAKE at school!! All day people at school had been baking and decorating a cake for me. Bryan brought the mix, Caring got frosting, Jamie set the whole thing up and actually baked it, Loren let them bake in his room since almost none of us have ovens and Alex managed to keep a secret for more than a day. It was one of the nicest things someone has done for me. It made me so thankful for the friends I have made here. Needless to say it was the best cake ever. Everyone was in a bit of shock about how much we have missed real cake!
Overall, my birthday was just wonderful. It was exactly what a birthday should be. I got to spend time with people I care about, have some good laughs, good memories and for a few days feel extra specials.

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