Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things they are a changing

As mentioned before, moving to Seoul was not a hard move. I have settled in pretty easily. What has been shocking about this move though is that it has changed me, for the better. Some of the things that I thought I was incapable is no longer true! For any of you who have lived with me or know me really well you know that "neat" is not really in my vocabulary. I have lived my whole life keeping my clothes on the ground and piling up dishes. Well since I have been here that has greatly changed. It first started off with doing my dishes every night. Though I must confess this was originally because I was trying to keep the bugs away. Then slowly I started making sure my apartment was clean every night before I went to bed. My place is so small that the only way to stay sane is to stay neat. I think cleaning would just shock people but there is more! I cook! I cook actual meals that can be eaten! Of course I have not tried feeding other people, I am not that confident yet, but feeding myself is a first step!  Those have been the three main changes and hopefully my next change will be running! I am currently training for a 10K race in Jeju Island and I hope that I will catch the runner bug!! 

While there have been some changes, somethings will never change! Today I transfered money from my account to the Jeju race account... of course I managed to leave out one number so either my money is now bouncing around in ATM world or got transfered to some weird account. I guess the small things will always slip away from me!

Below is a video of my apartment! It is pretty boring, its more for my parents and family but if you want a mini tour watch away!

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