Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bills for my... ovaries?!?

Bills are kind of a weird but wonderful thing here in Seoul. So you get the bill in the mail and you just bring the bill to any bank. Then you either pay the teller or put it in this machine with your bank card and it takes it right out of your account. I am pretty sure this is the only way that you can pay bills here (which causes its only problems since the banks are open from 9:30 to 4:30). The other odd thing is that there is no (or hardly any) penalty for the bill not being paid. I paid a bill 5 days late today and there was no extra charge or anything. People at my school say they go months without paying for a bill. Since there is no penalty for not paying, it does not seem people give a change of address. So at my apartment I get bills at least a couple times a week. I have gotten bills for my car payments, 2008 taxes for my child's school, my land line, at least 4 cell phones that I seem to have and then other random sheets of paper with money amounts on it that I tend to just chuck out. Sometimes I bring the bill to my school and ask someone to translate it for me just to make sure I dont have to pay for it. Sometimes, when I get really ambitious I take out my trusty phone dictionary and I look up the words on the bill. 

Today was one of those ambitious days. I looked at the categories and saw there were two. I looked up the first word and it meant car. I was very impressed that I got it and tried the next word.... this time it was ovaries.... yea so it seems that I have to make a payment on my ovaries. Thankfully though they are only going to cost me 7,920 won which is only about $6, really I wouldn't pay a penny more! 

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