Sunday, April 12, 2009


On April 1st we went to the S. Korea v. N. Korea qualifier game. It was in the World Cup Stadium here in Seoul which is just beautiful. The place was built for the 2002 World Cup which Seoul cohosted with Japan. So everything in the stadium is clean and modern, which is a nice change from hanging out in stadiums like wrigley. Last time S. and N. played each other the game ended in a tie. Everyone said that it was a terribly boring game because both teams were being very diplomatic and there were no shots on goal. This time though both teams really needed to win to advance so it was much more exciting. We had amazing seats about 5 rows back, behind the net. So for the first half we got to see tons of actions because S. Korea was dominating and we were sitting behind N. Korea's goal. At half time there was no score but they did bring out this Korean figure skater who had won the Asian Championships just that weekend. Everyone went WILD when she came out. 

The second half was about the same as the first. Lots of shots on goal but no goals. Lots of soccer players throwing themselves on the ground even though they had not been 
touched. Honestly I feel there were some future oscar winners on that field. At one point, a gurney carried a guy off and then the moment they were on the sidelines he jumped off and ran back on the field.
Anyways, at minute 86 I really had to go to the bathroom and decided to go since in 4 minutes the game would be over and I didnt want to deal with the crowds. The bathroom was literally a 100 ft from our seats so I ran to the bathroom, got in the stall and..... AHHHHHHYEAAWHOOO (thats tons of people cheering) The only goal was scored by S. Korea and I missed it! I wasn't too shocked I missed it because I always miss scoring in any sport. Actually, I have decided if I had not gone to the bathroom the game would have ended in a tie, I am still waiting for my call from the coach thanking me for my sacrifice. 

After the game I hung around with Nick and Vehlow because of my phobia of crowds and the fact thousands of people were going into one small subway station. Before we left the stadium though I made Vehlow buy me a light up wand because honestly who doesnt want a pink light up wand? So we went to the GS25 (7-11 like store) to get some drinks and hang out with 1,000 of our closest friends. One thing about Seoul is that people LOVE their convenience stores. 
All the little marts have seats out front to sit in. They also have hot water and microwaves so you can eat anything that you buy.
So it is not uncommon to see people having meals at the marts. That nights there were tons of people eating Ramnan and drinking soju out front while celebrating the victory.

Now that I have gone to my first soccer game here, I can't wait to go to a baseball game!!!

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