Monday, August 3, 2009

Flea Market

My parents have JUST arrived in Korea but I have about another hour till they are actually in the city so I felt the best way to pass time was to blog... so here goes.My school has this thing called the Flea Market. For about 2 weeks kids brought in things from their apartment that they did not want anymore. Everything was supposed to be used because otherwise things would get slightly out of hand.... I could only imagine what parents would buy to be sold for fake money!!

Anyways, we set up stores in our class room. We also taught the kids about buy and selling and words that you use. The class was divided in half with half being cashiers and the others buying. Then we switched group. The first round was really great and they kids did a surprisingly great job. I thought it was going to be chaos but they followed all the rules and used the words we taught them. 

Now flea market is for 2 hours and shocking as it may seem, this lasted 10 minutes. So we decided to teach the kids about what sales were. We then set up sales tables and the kids did it again.

Then for the third round we explained what an exchange was and kids got to exchange their purchases! It was so much fun watching them learn all these new terms!
The best part about the whole thing was seeing some of the kids selling! Doeyoung (who I have the most problems with) was the best seller!! He was saying things like "I think you would really enjoy this book" and "do you think this would interest you?". Some of the other kids really got into talking people into purchases. A lot of kids were saying things like I think this would look great on you or don't you think you need this?

At the end of the day the kids went home with a huge bag of items. Probably things their parents did not want in their house, considering most of the kids bought their own things! but each kid had a great time! This was probably one of my favorite special days so far!!

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  1. This is wonderful!! I love the pictures and can only imagine how sweet it must have been to watch. Have so much fun with your parents!!!