Sunday, May 31, 2009


yea.... so once a day did not work. The weather has been amazing here though and I have been doing a lot outside. Also keeping myself busying doing other stuff. Anyways, I am still trying to talk about stuff I did in May. Hopefully I will get through May by the end of June *^^* (these are the emoticons of Korea and I am trying my best to get into them!! My favorite is TT which is 
tears or sad face. I get that alot from DongJun's mom when I write how bad her kid is!)

 Anyways, one of my favorite things so far has been HiSeoul. Every season they have the HiSeoul festival. It is in a different place of Seoul every season and has different events.
I went to the May HiSeoul which was at City Hall and along the river.

Their theme was HotPink. So everything was
in hot pink, which was pretty awesome. There were events for 10 days and every night they had something at the grassy patch at City Hall. They drapped these huge white cloth strips across the plaza (1st picture). There were stages set up and they had different events everynight. They called it the HotPink Ball. The first night I went was Monday and it was musicals. It was SO much fun. They did all the musicals that are pretty well known on Broadway but they were all in Korean! It was so much fun to listen to it! There were two stages on opposite ends and the whole crowd would run from one end to the next. 

There was also some people dressed up in these crazy hot pink outfits. When they came out this song would start and everyone would start doing this dance. There were hundreds of them. They were all teenagers and really got into. It was really fun!! They worked really hard getting everyone to be involved and even had a couple dance offs with people. It would happen about 5 to 6 times during the show. I was OBSESSED with this dance. It was just a lot of fun.  Below is just a little video of it. 

So since I had such a good time on Monday night I went back on Saturday night with Jennifter from my school and then my friend Nick who was in town. Saturday night was the HipHop night. It was basically just like a big house party for 2 hours! Lots of dancing and tons of fun!!

We actually got there a little early and had a bottle of champagne that Nick brought with him from Dubai (Nick is a flight attendant for Emerites). Then when the show started the MC was running through the audience and of course found us! He starts asking Nick all these questions in broken english and Nick just kept answer he loves Seoul and bouncing to the music! He was on a huge jumbotron and also on NATIONAL TV!! HiSeoul was broadcasted on the national station. The MC then came back through 5 min later and starting to talking to Jennifer. I did a pretty good job of staying off the camera!! It was pretty funny (and typical). Seoul is really into making a point 
to show the western people at any event. 
I am getting used to being a local celebrity ^^ 

Anyways, HiSeoul was a blast and I am sad its over! Hope you enjoy the video and some of the pictures! 

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