Monday, May 4, 2009

April downpours brings wet soggy flowers

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On Saturday last week (before the lantern festival) I decided to trek up north to Vehlow's neck of the woods. We decided to go to a flower festival, even though it was pouring. It might have not been the smartest idea all year. It was pouring rain and even though much of it was indoors. We still had to walk around outside to get to one exhibition to the other. By the end of our trip there my jeans were wet up to my knees. We went out to dinner later and I sat in front of a heater. It took 4 hours for my jeans to dry, it was a little more than crazy. Anyways here is a couple pictures from the day. The first is a cool waterfall thing that had all these different designs with falling rain, fairly impressive.

There was also this cool screen on the floor that as you walked across flowers sprung up in your foot steps. This is Christina dancing her way across it. 
We were a little shocked at all the pictures everyone was taking. So we decided that we would find the best thing in the whole place, that would be the water purifiers. Justin was just a little too excited to pose in front of it! 

They were really into these flower hearts. We went to take a funny pictures then a guy grabbed my camera and made all four of us get in... then other people started taking pictures of us... and a guy with a newspaper camera.... it all got a little weird.

Christina got left at the alter, Justin was supposed to join her in this union, but he ran.
There were scorpians, I was impressed. Though they also had a "butterfly" cage which ended up just being a bunch of dead butterflies pinned to leaves, not impressed. 

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